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You had an accident: a person died, very dear to you… But your life does not end there. We understand that you are hurt and sad. It happens that the organization of the funeral you do not have any mental strength. A person can shift all the problems with the preparation of the funeral to our company, which will provide a full range of burial services.

It does not matter how a person lived, who he was and what he did – the deceased should be adequately buried and carried out in his last journey. At this sad stage of your life we will be your support and support in the organization of funeral services.

Everyone can make an order in our funeral home, choose accessories from a wide range of finished products or make an individual order. Some people in life tell their relatives how they see their funeral when their death hour comes. You can make an individual order for the conduct of the ceremony in accordance with the last will of the deceased.

The main range of services we provide:

  • full support of the entire funeral process;
  • help ritual agent at all stages;
  • burial supplies;
  • embalmment;
  • cremation;
  • transportation of the deceased;
  • repartation;
  • clothes;
  • and other services.

Depending on your wishes for registration of a funeral and the allocated sum, our Agency can offer you to organize a funeral, both economy class, and VIP. Do you want to make a luxurious funeral for your loved one? We can offer you the order of an elite coffin, VIP-wreaths, registration of graves according to your wishes, the will of the deceased or in your religious traditions.

You have been touched by grief. Perhaps you did not expect such a sad event as the funeral of a loved one. Not everyone knows how to organize a funeral, not to miss a single detail, not a single detail. You may feel fear and before placing of the required documents (medical, state certificate of death). Our ritual agent will help you to understand everything, advise on all legal issues, monitor the performance of funeral services. We also organize the funeral of foreign citizens who have died on the territory of the Russian Federation.

We have a large selection of necessary for the burial attributes, so you will spend little time to prepare for this event. Our specialists will do everything quickly, efficiently, reliably and exactly as you want. We understand that you now need to be alone with your experiences, so trust the organization of this important event of our company. The help you need will be provided on time.

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